• Jade Land Properties Website

    Website Design, 2020
  • Eight Kwai Fong Property Website

    Website Design, 2020
  • Artisan Garden Property Website

    Website Design, 2019
  • CUHK BMI Baby Lab Website

    Website Design, 2018
  • CUHK BMI Baby Lab Logo

    Branding Design, 2018
  • C Ventures

    Website Design, 2017
  • CoBo Art in the Bar Event Minisite

    Website Design, 2017
  • HKHQ Electrical Engineering Company Limited Website

    Website Design, 2017
  • The Artisanal Movement Website

    Website Design, 2017
  • CoBo Social Benjamin Sigg Minisite

    Website Design, 2016
  • CoBo Social Website

    Website Design, 2015
  • PARKnSHOP Lunar New Year EDM

    EDM Design, 2015
  • DOA Branding Logo Design

    Branding Design, 2015
  • Great Food Hall Lunar New Year EDM

    EDM Design, 2015
  • Century Link Office Tower Leaflet Design

    Print Design, 2014
  • PARKnSHOP Promotion EDM

    EDM Design, 2014
  • 3Games.la Mini Games Website

    Website Design, 2014
  • PARKnSHOP World Cup EDM

    EDM Design, 2014
  • Hang Seng Bank iPoint Luckydraw

    Interactive Design, 2014
  • Foresight Language and Learning Solutions Limited Logo

    Branding Design, 2013
  • Swanky Spree Website

    Website Design, 2013
  • Song Logo

    EDM Design, 2013
  • Green Matters Logo

    Branding Design, 2013
  • YourDezign.com Logo

    Branding Design, 2013
  • Rachel & Edmond Wedding Celebration Logo

    Branding Design, 2013
  • Greensboro Logo

    Branding Design, 2013
  • Applied Development Logo

    Branding Design, 2013
  • Heyboy Music Logo

    Branding Design, 2013
  • Grand Casino Game Design

    Game Design, 2013
  • Gammon Safety Channel TV

    Interactive Design, 2013
  • Men’s Uno 9th Mini Website

    Website Design, 2012
  • Eikowada Mobile App Design

    Mobile App Design, 2011
  • Slot Game Logo

    Branding Design, 2011
  • Game Development Compnay Website

    Website Design, 2011
  • Flash Game Design & Development

    Game Design, 2009

About 10x Design

10x Design (十㐅工力) is a Hong Kong based creative solutions company, specialize in Website Design, Mobile App UI/UX Design, Branding Design and Web Development.

With our obsession of quality and detailing, we provide professional services with creative ideas, innovative plans, flexible solution, efficient production and full supports.

We develop websites with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP & Wordpress which is user friendly, short development time and easy to maintain, that actually works for clients' business goals.

We design and produce corporate and e-commerce websites, EDM newsletters. We are also experts in assisting clients to promote their brand online through search engines optimisation (SEO) and social networks (such as Facebook, Instagram).

Our clients include listed companies, SME and Start Ups. We see every client’s unique needs, and we always aim to maintain an open and responsive approach to each individual brief. With our energetic and enthusiastic team, we are here to execute the clients’ needs with our expertise not just creatively but also in an efficient manner on both cost and time.

Currently we are planning and preparing for new Fintech and Cryptocurrency projects. If you want to learn more, seek for opportunities, look for partners or invest in this market, let's connect.


  • Foresight Language and Learning Solutions Limited
  • Greensboro
  • Applied Development
  • Eikowada
  • Playality
  • I.T. King
  • Hong Kong High Quality Electrical Engineering Company Limited
  • Heyboy Music
  • Demostration of Arts Construction & Development Limited
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • CoBo
  • Hang Seng Bank
  • Great Food Hall
  • Men’s Uno
  • Gammon Construction Limited
  • 3Games.la
  • Jade Land Properties
  • New World Development Company Limited
  • CK Asset Holdings Limited

Contact Us

Welcome to share your thought with us, wish we can make some sparks!

E-mail Addresshello@10x.hk

Postal Address Room 203, Cheung Hing Industrial Building,
23 Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong